Red November

For those of you who know me, which is probably nearly anyone reading this, you know that a bunch of IT types play a game during our lunch break.

This week the game of choice is Red November.  The gist of the game is this-you and your teammates are gnomes on the experimental sub Red November.  Your goal is to make it through one hour of gnome time with the sub in one piece.  Sounds pretty straightforward.

However, as the game progresses things go haywire.  Fires break out, compartments flood, engines overheat, oxygen gets low.  You get the picture.  Your team is armed with tools to help fix the various problems, but time is limited.  At times a bottle of grog is the only thing that gets you through a jam.

For the most part you play as a team.  If the sub blows/sinks/burns you all lose.  If you make it through the allotted time you all win.

Game #1 of the week ended with us close to our goal, but succumbing to a nuclear weapon blast before we could disarm the missiles.  Game #2 is rolling along well at this point.

Here is an example of the board and components.

As you can see the yellow piece, that would be my gnome, is laying on its side.  I drank too much grog and passed out.  I would still be asleep when the missiles went boom.

Here is a pretty good review of the game and how to play.  My pre-teen boys love it!  Plus, running around playing a drunken gnome is way cool.


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