This week, the IT Geeks are tackling Worthington Games “Cowboys” (BGG page).  We’ve played this before but hadn’t broken it out in a long time.  We opted for the “Dalton Gang Last Ride” scenario with T-bone and RayRay taking the “bad guys” side and me being the sheriff and angry townfolk.

Basically the gang is trying to simultaneously rob two banks.  They then need to get at least two of their five man gang out of the opposite end of town.  Unfortunately for them, there is a sheriff and a few townies that are not too pleased.  As the game progresses more and more townfolk come out to oppose the gang.

We are using the advanced rules with reaction fire, variable damage and turns.  So far, one town folk is down and one bad guy is injured.  LOTS of bad shooting.

This scenario is particularly interesting since there are so many buildings in place in the town.  There are basically three avenues out of town, but numerous buildings exist that allow characters to move from an alley to the main street simply by cutting through a brothel, bar or undertaker’s office!

The image to the right shows a block of the town.  Just off the right side of the image is one of two banks being robbed.  The “business” with the rich red flooring is the brothel!  You can see 80% of the Dalton Gang on the right side of the picture as they debate an escape route.  The sheriff is to the left of the brothel.  Three townies are present on the board.

This game is a lot of fun.  My pre-teen boys play is frequently.  There are plenty of scenarios that come standard with the game and a few others have been created and are available for free on BGG.  For the most part, I think it has a pretty decent replay value and is fairly light as far as rules go.

I’m thinking the sheriff and his posse win the day this time!



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