Normandy 1944 Session-GMT Games

I had been following this game on BGG for a little while and finally decided to pull the trigger and make the plunge.

Following the Christmas break I finished the rules and got the whole thing set up.

First impressions

I LOVE the map.  Beautiful.  The counters work well with varying colors for American/British/Canadian units.  There are several different color schemes for the Germans depending on branch/SS/etc.  There aren’t a ton of charts to clutter up your table.  For the landing phase you will need the back of the instruction manual, but after that you won’t need to refer to it too much.

Here goes-Jump!

June 6 1944-the paratroopers hit the silk and land in France.  Immediately the 82nd has some serious problem with scattered units that take losses.  The 101st makes out a little better with some scattering, but nothing in the way of losses.

82nd and 101st hit France

The British 6th lands and secures the area just east of the canal and Caen.  They will be a tempting target for the panzers loitering nearby!

6th Airborne lands near Caen

6th Airborne (Red Devils!) lands near Caen

Hit the beach!

Alright, so the time has come for the beach landings.  At Utah, the landings go pretty smoothly.  The DD tanks land with no losses and only one step of damage to the 4th ID.


Utah Beach

Utah Beach

At Omaha, things do go so well for the Americans.  Again, the tanks land with no losses but it indeed turns into Bloody Omaha.  FOUR step losses to the 1st and 29th ID.  Wow!  That will really hamper them on the drive inland.


Bloody Omaha

Bloody Omaha

Things at Gold are costly for the Brits.  A step loss for the tanks and three steps for the poor bloody infantry.  Same again at Juno.  Three infantry units take losses.


Gold & Juno

Gold & Juno

At Sword Beach the British push through Ouistreham and inland.  Their drive is on to hook up with the 6th Airborne inland.


Sword Beach

Sword Beach

That’s all for now.  I’ll be writing up the German Turn 1 reaction.  Their main goal (for me at least anyway) is to keep the troops bottled up on the beach and in the bocage until reinforcements get to the field.  The airborne units make very tempting targets for the panzers that are in the field!


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