Normandy ’44 Solo Session-June 6th German Reaction

Well, the Allies are ashore and have made inroads at Utah and several of the British/Commonwealth beachheads.

Utah and Omaha Beaches

The 21st Division is limited on its movement in Turn 1, as are several other units (mostly 2nd line Ost troops and units within the Cherbourg perimiter).  The key for the  Germans is a fast strike to pin the landing troops on, or as close as possible to, the beaches.

At Utah, the airborne units help screen the beaches from a counterattack to the west and south.  The lack of mobile troops to the north pretty much prevent an immediate counterattack from that sector.  Even though the Germans have armor in the area, it isn’t plentiful nor very powerful.  Most of the infantry in that area is fairly impotent, as well.  It won’t be able to pose too much of a threat, but will be able to box the troops in until reinforcements arrive.

Germans react at Utah-Turn 1

Germans react at Utah-Turn 1

As you can see, German Fallschirmjaeger have Utah boxed in from the south.  Between the flooded rivers and German troops to the north, the beachhead is pretty well penned up.

At Omaha a smaller amount of German units are able to respond to hem in the invaders.

Germans at Omaha-Turn 1

Germans at Omaha-Turn 1

There is open land ahead for the Americans, but a quick reaction by German AT and self-propelled guns hem the 1st/29th divisions on the beach.  The Rangers are trapped at Point du Hoc and no other units can land at Omaha until the units can get the beach cleared of resistance.

I love this system in the combat with adjacent units isn’t required.  A few well-placed units with interlocking ZOC can hold up a much larger force, at least temporarily, without incurring any losses.

British/Commonwealth Beaches

At Gold/Juno beaches, the Germans react with units in and around the Caen area.  A few units rush to reinforce the existing strongpoints to prevent penetration through to Caen.  Piecemeal stacks of infantry and AT/flak units plug the gaps while waiting for the 12th SS Division to arrive in Turn 2.

At Sword Beach, the Brits are limited in their movement east by strongpoints and the river/canal.  This permits the existing armor and infantry to make a move to push the airborne units of of the bridge and northward toward the beach.

Next up……Allies Turn 1.


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