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Normandy ’44 Landings-German Reaction

Fabio’s Allies have come ashore or come down from the skies.  I’m hoping to land a quick blow with the meager forces on hand in order to keep them pinned on the beaches.

Right now, my best chance for that is with the American airborne units at Utah.  Both the 82nd and the 101st have lost several steps of strength, so I’d like to get a quick crack at them before their reinforcements arrive.  I’m going to rush my armor (such as it is) to that area and try to push them all back across the river and keep them from pushing past Ste. Mere Eglise.

Let’s see how that all works out for me.

German Movement/Combat (American beaches)

Just west of the Merderet River, elements of the 91st combine with armor to try to drive the 82nd back to Ste. Mere Eglise.  Meanwhile, north of Carentan the 6th Fallschirmjaeger launch attacks against the 101st.

North of Utah beach, German units move south to try to combine with existing strongpoints to hem in the Americans on their beachhead.  The quality of the German units isn’t fantastic, but hopefully the strongpoints and bocage will slow the American advance.

Near Omaha, the 352nd Division moves towards the coast with whatever armor and flak units I can scrape together.  I am going to try to block his already weakened 29th and 1st Divisions on the beach itself.  They REALLY took a beating on the landing, so I want to slow them down as much as possible.

German Turn 1 Omaha/Utah beaches











German reaction at Commonwealth Beaches

Farther east, along the coast I’m trying to create a defensive line behind the Seulles river.  The Douvres Radar station should slow them a bit or at least enough for me to get early reinforcements into Caen.

The open ground to the west of Caen is what scares me.  I have NO armor out there and his tanks will be able to roll right through that whole until I get some units out there around Turn 3.

German Reaction Commonwealth beaches









Turn 1 Combat Results

I had semi-decent results against the American airborne.  The 6th FJ exchange step losses against the 101st and was able to advance into their vacant hex.  Meanwhile, east of Pont l’Abbe, the attack against the 82nd resulted in a retreat against the Americans.  They will have to pull back or fight a determined defense to hold their ground.

St. Mere Eglise










Southeast of Caen, the elements of the 21st Division hit the Red Devils and drive them back towards the beach.  I need to hit them hard before the armor gets there to help them out.

Red Devils!









The ball is back in Fabio’s court now.  I’ve gummed up Omaha for the time being, but I don’t think that I did enough damage to his airborne units near Utah.

Time will tell.


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