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Normandy ’44 Replay

I’m going to give a running commentary on an ongoing game of GMT’s Normandy ’44 against Fabio Patricolo.  We’ll be using VASSAL to play.  I’ll be playing the part of the Germans while Fabio is going to try to liberate Europe from under my boot!

Initial Landings

Fabio has some NASTY rolls for scatter with the American airborne units.  The 101st has two units going down to cadre level on their initial drop, while the 82nd suffers casualties on two of the three units while the third goes all the way down to cadre level.  I’m hoping to get a good strike in on them before they are reinforced.  Meanwhile, his landings at Utah are pretty lightly opposed and the 4th Infantry and attached armor roll through towards Ste. Mere Eglise.

Omaha is a different story.  Charlie and Dog beaches are VERY costly for the Americans.  The 29th suffers heavy losses (three infantry steps and one DD step) while at Easy/Fox both regiments of the 1st ID take a step loss.

Landings at Utah and Omaha

Americans come ashore

At the Commonwealth beaches, the 6th Airborne lands without many losses.  One unit is scattered, one lands perfectly and one takes a step loss.  The Gold beach landings cost the Brit infantry three step losses and one armor.  The Canadian armor takes some damage at Juno but pushes through Courseulles and on towards the Douvres Radar Station.  At Sword Beach, the defense gives two step losses to the invaders and hold them up on the beach.

Commonwealth Beaches

Juno, Gold and Sword Beaches

This is my first time playing Normandy as the Germans.  I’ve played four games all as the Allies, so you would think that I would have an idea of how to react.  No, not me.  Total blank as I look at the map from the other side.

My reactions to follow.


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