Survive: Escape from Atlantis – Initial Thoughts

Well, I’ve played this game a few times, so here are my initial impressions.


The components are nice.  Wooden people/sea serpents/whales/etc.  The Atlantis tiles are varying thicknesses of cardboard.  I had no problems punching them.  The gamebox is nice and sturdy, too.

Since the standard game allows a max of four players, I purchased the expansion kit that allows a max of six players.  Interestingly, the pieces for that are plastic.  No real complaints, but it would have been nice to keep the wooden feel of the People tokens from one game to another.


Very clear and concise.  We got a quick demo at WBC, so that helped but it is a very easy game to play.  The standard game comes with a mix of optional variants.


Simply put-this game is fun!  I’ve played it with my children (and they in turn have explained it to their friends) and co-workers.  It has a broad appeal and with it being so easy to learn, I think it will tickle the fancy of lots of non-gamers.  You can knock off a game in under an hour, so you can play a few times in one sitting.

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My overall impression is that I LOVE this game.  There is a pretty decent mix of luck and strategy blended with a very high screw factor.  It is great fun unleashing a sea monster on a boat full of your opponents people fleeing the island of Atlantis.

As far as I’m concerned there is a high replay factor just playing the basic game.  We have tried the Giant Squid expansion once, but to be honest I enjoyed the game more without it.  Buy the game, play the game.


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