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Pandemic Follow Up

We just finished our second game of Pandemic.

After not grasping a decent strategy and the proper use of Player Cards in game #1, we pulled together and fairly breezed to a victory in game #2.

We drew scientist, operations and dispatcher.  After a little discussion we came to the conclusion that for a three-player game, we believe medic/scientist/dispatcher would be the optimal mix of roles.  However, we could be dissuaded.

Regardless, we played an easy game so we only had four Infection cards mixed in the deck.  By the second turn, we had cured one disease.  Great start.

Things took a bad turn for a few moments as several Outbreaks occurred in rapid succession.  We kept our cool and focused on talking out strategies and movement.  With decent placement of some research centers we were able to Share Knowledge a few times rather quickly.

Next thing you know, we had three Diseases cured and all of the cards in our hand to finish off the last one.  Quick finish and victory!

Round #3 in the works.  This time we are swinging for the fence and using ALL six Epidemic cards.  Let’s see how that works out for us.



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