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New games to my collection 2011-12

2011 was a good year for my game collection.  Between WBC coming to town in the summer and an surprising onslaught of Christmas gifts, I have a few to write about.

I’ll begin with some recent acquisitions.

APBA Soccer

I was very hesitant to pick this game up.  My boys and I are HUGE soccer fans and I have been really looking for a game that will scratch that itch.  I played APBA and Stratomatic games as a high-school and college student, and recently introduced the boys to the joys of SOM basketball.

The reviews for APBA were really mixed, but I took the plunge.  As of this date I am pleasantly surprised and enjoying it.  We’ve knocked off a few games using the 2010-11 English Premier League card set.  I’m having none of the problems with lack of offense/shots on goal that others mention.  Not having individual defensive ratings seemed odd at first but, to be honest, I’m just enjoying the game too much to mind it.

Phantom Fury

I have to say that I’m enjoying the heck out of this game.  I have played it a few times the whole way through and have yet to win.

As a brief intro, this is a solitaire game based on the 1st Marine Division and their attempt to secure Fallujah in November 2004.  You (the player) are in charge of a company of Marines, a few M1A2 Abrams and some Iraqi troops.  Victory conditions require you to take command of a block of neighborhoods, all the while keeping your losses at an acceptable level.

I find the game to be incredibly challenging and have had a blast playing it.

On a side note, the game was developed and shipped from France.  I ordered the game on January 3rd and had it at my house by the 13th and paid no extra shipping.  Kudos to Nuts Publishing!

Next post-the Christmas gifts.  Those being Dominion, Tikal, Puerto Rico and Mister X.


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