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Mister X-Scotland Yard

We here are the most awsum IT shop in the world have been slacking on our lunchtime gaming duties.

With that in mind, we decided to try a new game on our table.  Mister X-Scotland Yard makes an appearance.

In the past we have played co-op games like Pandemic and Red November.  It’s just fun to pit yourself and your co-workers against the “The Man”.  Mister X is a co-op game with the twist that one person is the “bad guy”.

Quick Rules Rundown

Basically, one person is Mister X and the rest are gumshoes from Scotland Yard.  The coppers (or “bobbies” in this case) move around London using cab/bus/underground tickets in an effort to end their turn in the same location as Mister X.  Mister X moves in the same manner but only needs to reveal his location every few turns.  He reveals what mode of transportation he uses, but that is pretty much the only clue that the boys in blue have to move in on his location.

Movement tickets

These are the passes/tickets used for movement around London.

It’s a very easy game to learn and you can really squeeze a bunch of games into a short time period.









First Play with Lunch Crew

As we only have three players at lunch, we opt to throw an extra detective in the mix that is controlled by the other two officers.  I have found that playing with only two detectives it is very difficult to track down even an average Mister X.  After a quick run through explaining resource management (which ticket to use and when to use it), we begin play.

The two rookie detectives pin down Mister X (after an entirely brain-farty move on my part) and the game wraps up to a much deserved thumbs up!

The game is afoot!

The game is afoot!


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