World Boardgaming Championships – 2012 Edition

Resort sign

We arrive at the rather beaten-up Host.

Things #1 and #2 arrived at the Lancaster Host for the 2012 edition of the WBC.  This place is a total pit.  I’m thankful that we are locals and can just drive to the championships in a matter of minutes and aren’t reliant on staying here for any period of time.  This year we are just stopping by to do some shopping and maybe hop in on a demo or two.

Immediately upon entry, that delightful whiff of gamer washes over us.  Pungent yet slightly acidic.  Yankee Candles would have a winner with this one!

We head downstairs to the vendor area.  I have a wish list but I really do not need to buy anything.  I’ve been fairly active with trades on BGG as of late, but I know my willpower will disappear once I see the first dealer.

There!  Uwe and Academy Games beacons me.  I purchased 1812  over the winter and it has been a winner.  My sons and I have played it numerous times and I have not grown tired of it.  This time I fall easily for Strike of the Eagle.  I am really looking forward to his treatment of Gettysburg and the first day’s fighting.  That area of the battle (along with Culps Hill) has long been neglected by game designers.  I feel there are so many interesting opportunities and “what ifs” to be had.

Moving on-we arrive at the Victor Point Games table and I suck up Malta Besieged and In Magnificent Style.  I really enjoyed The Wheatfield and wanted to purchased these two games for their solo play alone.  The subject matter of both interested me, as well.  Hermann showed me some maps of an upcoming Gettysburg project and lo and behold-CULPS HILL!  Wonderful!  Put me on the pre-order list now.

Our next stop is the GMT booth.  What I purchase though is not a fine GMT product, but Second Season football.  I’m a chump for a good sports game.  We have all of the Strat-o-Matic, APBA, Pursue the Pennant, Dave Koch, etc games on a myriad of subjects.  I have been playing APBA’s soccer game as of late just to get my fix for football European-style.

Second Season looks like and plays like a great game.  My 12-year old picked it up and started playing without me even looking at it.  I started flipping through the rules and was impressed that even linemen get their true time in the spotlight in this game.  I will really need to write something up on it.  Looks super and appears to play very well solo.

My last two purchases were Death Ride-Halifad Ridge and Iwo Jima by Grognard Simulations.  I had just been kind of staring at the boxes not knowing what to think when another gamer walked by and gave me a great review of them.  At the price they were listed at, I jumped.  So far, I am pleasantly surprised by the rules, components and nice sturdy box.  Plus, I sent a question to their Sales email address and proceeded to get a response in about five minutes.  Again, a review will be forthcoming.

All in all a good time.

Here is the collection from one day of shopping


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