What I’ve (We’ve) Been Playing

Between a trip to the beach with family, the jaunt to the WBC, work lunchtime gaming and the discovery of a local (shudder!) gamer I have a few things to write up.

In Magnificent Style

I love everything about this game.  The components are sturdy and the colors are great.  You set it up in about three minutes.  I can knock off a full game in about an hour and it has a very small footprint!


Pettigrew and Trimble move towards Cemetery Ridge.

This is a simple “push your luck” type game but with a historical flair.  You are in command of Longstreet’s assault on that fateful day of July 3, 1863.  With three divisions (Pettigrew/Trimble/Pickett) under your command, you move your butternut forces across the fields past the Codori farm and smoking remains of the Bliss barn.

In the three times I’ve played the game, I have come out on the historical short-end of the stick.  In my last play, I got three brigades across the wall and captured the Union portion of the line on Cemetery Ridge.  However, the remainder of the support troops were broken up along the Emmitsburg Road.  At least Bobby Lee didn’t fare better than me!

My ONLY complaint about this game is that the first few times I touched the counters, I got a nasty brown stain on my fingers.  However, a quick rinse took care of that.  If that is the only gripe about a game, I think it is a winner!

Castle Panic

My co-workers and I are always looking for decent coop games for play during lunch.  Like a moron, I passed up D-Day Dice at WBC.  However, I had scored a copy of Castle Panic prior to the convention.

My kids, brother and I played a few rounds of this at Cape May a few weeks ago and loved it.  I introduced my co-workers to it recently and it’s a hit.

Trolls, goblin and orcs. None shall pass!!!

Watching the Bad Guys slowly move towards your castle keep knowing that you don’t have the resources to fend them off can be nerve wracking. You quickly learn how to swap cards amongst yourselves in order to keep the game (and the humans) alive!

This game is really simple to pick up. I see it having a pretty high replay value even with the younger crowd.

Road Kill Rally

This was another game that I picked up prior to WBC.  Politically correct-No.  Fun-absolutely.

In essence, the players race around a track trying to eliminate pedestrians as they go about their daily business.  You rack up more points for the elderly or the young.

Every player tricks out their car with a variety of weapons and defense systems.  Players also gain points by damaging opponents if the opportunity raises its head.  Boy, does the opportunity happen frequently!

Road Kill Rally!

This was another game that we broke out during our beach breaks.  The boys loved it and Uncle Dave had a blast, as well.  More on this to come.

Last but certainly not least is 1812:  The Invasion of Canada from Academy Games.

Invasion of Canada

I was able to break this one out against a local gamer that I met up with on the Geek.  We played two games and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Previously, I had only had the pleasure of playing my sons in the game.  Playing against a rather intelligent adult (who has a good amount of gaming experience) made the game even more enjoyable than it had been previously.

With the randomness of the cube draw and the variety of cards at any one time, the games are always changing and in flux.  We have already determined that this game will be back on the table next time that we get together.


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